Go Get It Life Stories

My Husband, My Hero

By: Melissa Yabrough I have a hero.  My hero, is my husband and his name is Frank.  Four years ago his life drastically changed and he did not sit back and take it. He fought and he fought harder than anybody I have ever met.  He was an engineer for the railroad for 10 years until Memorial Day […]

40 Acts of Kindness Challenge

By: Irene Rubin No matter how many times it happens, I am still amazed when something comes into my life at the precise moment when I need it.  I have been reading the posts on the site and am simultaneously impressed by the fortitude and strength that people hold on to through struggle, saddened by […]

A Personal Story of Rising Above Extreme Hardships

By: Janae This is my personal story, about my growth, my struggles, what I had to overcome as a youth in the streets of San Francisco. One would awesome one of the most popular tourist cities in America is nothing but perfection, but that isn’t so. In the streets of San Francisco it is survival of […]

Persevering Through Sudden, Life-Changing Accidents

By: Michelle Metcalf My father Dean Metcalf has taken on life and keeps going strong and has the most positive attitude you have ever known to man. It all started on May 10th 2014. He was at a rest area in Minooka, IL. Passing out flyers to travelers about motorcycle awareness for his CMA chapter. […]

Gratitude Challenge Hangout 3

On Tuesday, January 13th Theo Rossi concluded a three-part series of Google Hangouts with winners of the #GratitudeChallenge.  You can see a full list of winners and their stories on this blog page.  More than one thousand submissions came in from all over the world, and 18 people were chosen as winners of the challenge.  Here is […]

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