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FACE YOUR FEARS: A Testament To Everyday Fears

By Kimberly Tenuta My fears rest no different then what every American middle class family faces today how to survive day to day. I worry 23 hrs a day about how to make ends meat how to support my daughter’s illness, how to put food on the table.  My daughter has Celiac disease.  Celiac disease is where […]

FACE YOUR FEARS: Motivational Video

To kick-off “Face Your Fears” week, we wanted to share this motivating video courtesy of Absolute Motivation’s YouTube Channel, that instantly moved us.  This piece inspired all of us here at Go Get It LIFE with a few important lessons: – Fear is something we create in our minds, it can be overcome and ONLY […]

A Very Special Place

In late 2013, we were introduced to the Staten Island, NY-based nonprofit, A Very Special Place, Inc (AVSP).  Theo Rossi’s Film and Television Production Company, Dos Dudes Pictures, was in the pre-production stage of the feature film, Bad Hurt.  One of the key story lines of the film is focused on the daughter of characters Elaine and […]

The Golden Ticket Challenge

  Giveback to the  #GoGetItLIFE charities and enter the Golden Ticket Challenge! Share Your Story. Support our Charities.   Be entered to win a Google Hangout with #GoGetItLIFE founder, Theo Rossi.     RULES TO ENTER: How are you living the Go Get It LIFE? In 400 words or less, share with us how you’re […]

WHO INSPIRES ME: My Daughter Reese

By Linda Stout My 7 year old Daughter Reese has always inspired me. Inspired me to be strong, loving, happy, appreciative towards everything and helped me open my eyes to great things. Reese was born with a rare genetics disorder called SOTOS Syndrome which caused her to be severely developmentally delayed. Not only did Reese […]


By Nicole Xu Who inspires me? Everyone. My parents. They were a part of the renowned Class of ’77, the first generation of students to return to college after the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This was a time in which the government shut down higher education, and so my grandfather (a professor and food scientist) had […]

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