Go Get It Life Stories

For The love of “Fluffy’s”

By Irene Rubin I can’t resist telling my pet story.  I am the proud mom of 2 four-legged fur-kids.  Unfortunately, they are not both alive at the same time but they both have a uniquely special place in my heart and have each taught me some valuable life lessons. My four-legged furry first born was […]

Obie: The Miracle Dog Who Continues to Inspire

By Lyndsey Bennett Oberon or “Obie” was born into rescue to a mom who was so sick when she came in, we weren’t sure if she would survive, much less that she was carrying four little bundles!  When he was first born, we knew he was white, which in Great Danes can mean blind, deaf, […]

The Benefits of Eating Healthy

Earlier this week we shared 5 tips on how to start your journey on eating healthy.  Now we want to explain the reasons WHY it’s so important to eat clean.  Eating clean has both short-term and long term benefits.  Here is a great article by Balanced Brunette that explains in detail how & why eating clean can change […]

5 Tips to Getting Started on Eating Healthy

The Team at #GoGetItLIFE not only encourages mental & spiritual health but we also encourage physical health through exercise and nutrition.  This theme of #HealthyEats will hopefully change your perspective on eating and make you look at ingredients and food differently.  Let’s get started with a few tips to help you begin your #HealthyEats journey. 1- […]

Why is it important to Pay It Forward?

T​he #PayItForward week at #GoGetItLIFE is coming to an end, but let’s not make that stop us from instilling Paying it Forward into our everyday lives, from this point forward. Check out this New York Times article called “Ma’am Your Burger Has Been Paid For”. It is a great read about the increasing rate of Paying […]

One Act of Kindness Turns Life-long Friendship

By Missy Beebe In December of  2006, I adopted a soldier through a non-profit that linked you up with a soldier that was deployed.  I wanted to pay it forward to someone that was deployed during the holidays. I  sent many letters and packages to Derek that Holiday season and through the next several years whether he was […]

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