Go Get It Life Stories

Tasty Way to Help Dogs in Need

By: Kayla Miller Here is my (video) submission for the Gratitude Challenge. This challenge really hit home for me because I rescued Dr. Brown two years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. It really made me feel good to know I was able to help other dogs that were in his […]

Gift of New Life

By: Chrissy Roethlisberger Amanda and I instantly hit it off when my husband’s brother brought her to our family summer cottage. By the end of the weekend I was convinced I had met my sister in law. I was right! They married the next spring and they began their lives as a married couple. Just […]

Simple Acts of Kindness Go A Long Way!

By: Jackie Lushman A huge fan from Labrador City, Newfoundland Labrador, Canada has accepted your gratitude challenge!!! How have I taken part in your challenge?  I have a family of 5 humans and 5 animals so doing something in this challenge that included money was a little hard for me to do, BUT last week […]

Life Saving Donation

By: Chris Correira I donate platelets…and here’s why:   When my mom (photographed ‘toasting the world’) was diagnosed with Acute Promyelcytic Leukemia (which took her life 9 days later) in February of 2005, I witnessed her getting these things called platelets. I quickly learned how much of a necessity they are to live and also […]

Helping Victims of Sexual Assault

By: Charmaine Hanna My name is Charmaine and four years ago I woke up to find myself being sexually assaulted at a friends house and only a year later I was raped by my own boyfriend. I have seen myself as a victim ever since until now. I’m not a victim. I’m a survivor! I […]