Go Get It Life Stories

Soldiers for Thanksgiving

By: Lizzie Reilly Thanksgiving 2014!  Our proud picture of our family sharing Thanksgiving with eight Army Soldiers from Ft. Sam Houston here in San Antonio, Texas.  We are so happy to do this every year!  It has made our Thanksgiving better and better every year!  This tradition started 13 years ago when Ft Sam put […]

Sweet Amelia’s Giving Back at Christmas

By: Sarah Richards I came from a very poor family… No running water, our Christmas gifts were things we needed like winter boots, jacket, etc. My sister and I were always given a fruit basket in our stocking. We were taught to always be thankful and have gratitude for what we received because our mother […]

Surf Dreams Foundation

By: Phil Jackson Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and passion for surfing and helping our youth achieve goals in life that would otherwise be unobtainable. I founded Surf Dreams Foundation in January of 2014. We are dedicated to getting unfortunate youth into the sport of surfing. To date we have introduced […]

Veterinary Assistance for Low Income Families

  By: Foster Mommy Barb I am very involved in the animal community. I run a nonprofit organization (with my friend) for families in economic crisis who can’t afford vet bills and would have to euthanize or surrender their pets due to lack of funds. We are in South Jersey and it’s called Furever Free, […]

A Sweet Treat to Brighten Your Day

By: Cassie Murray For my gratitude challenge I went round rainy Belfast and handed out cartoons of juice to make people’s day a bit better! I went round many of the places in Belfast that was part of the Sons Of Anarchy episodes based over here also! Including the church! I feel like I made […]

From Addict to Recovery Counselor

By: Kendra D. My name is Kendra and I’m a college student, retired Marine, single mom, and also a recovering addict. We celebrated 2 years clean November 5, 2014. Gratitude is an integral part of my daily life and the lives of so many that I choose to surround myself with. The expression of that […]

Motorcycle Club With a HUGE Heart

By: Dave Rudon/ Just Us Few MC Just Us Few, MC is a group of friends brought together by the love of the open road and a deep commitment to helping the needy, not funding the lazy. We are retired law enforcement and military, nurses, blue collar workers, correctional officers, parents and grandparents We hold […]

Ditching Negativity and Focusing on Personal Health

By: Heather Brown I have a friend who is similar to me in a lot of ways; we are both introverts, overweight, and extremely stubborn. Like so many others, she has been struggling with what has become of her since we graduated college 7 years ago. Most of our conversations revolve around how she is […]