Supporting our health care workers during COVID-19

By Meghan Rossi Hi Go Get It LIFE family! These are truly unprecedented times. We are experiencing a global pandemic. On the front lines of COVID-19 are our health care workers.  Doctors, nurses, support staff, emergency first responders… They are working around the clock to treat patients and do all they can to save lives.  […]

Which path to take?

By Meghan Rossi Hey there! Deep in reflection today. Deep into thoughts about which path to take for Go Get It LIFE. Like those quintessential dentist waiting room photos. You know the ones with the quote and the majestic nature photo? I’m thinking of the one with tall, dense trees in a deep forrest. Two […]

January GGIL Book Club

By Meghan Rossi We are kicking off 2020 with our newest Go Get It LIFE book club selection: “30 Days 30 Ways to Overcome Anxiety” by Bev Aisbett. Anxiety is one of the most talked about subjects here at Go Get It LIFE. “30 Days 30 Ways to Overcome Anxiety” is highly rated for its […]

Foodie Friday: Banana Bread

By Meghan Rossi Few things make my heart flutter more than seeing my bananas get over ripe. As the peel ripens a tinge of excitement fills my little foodie soul– it’s banana bread time! I’ve hardly ever followed the same recipe twice. I’m constantly mixing and trying new little twerks here and there to my […]