Things to do in Kauai, Hawaii

By Salena Wang, #GoGetItLIFE Contributing Writer

Kauai is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever visited. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t appreciate it as much when I was actually there probably because I was not prepared. There are tons of mosquito, windy roads (I get motion sickness) and lots of hiking. My hope is that you enjoy these amazing attractions with the tips I provided below.

Kauai truly feels like you are in a different country because the Hawaiians stay true to their culture which allows you to learn about their history, food and traditions.

Where: Kauai, HI

When: May 2014

Duration: 5 day, 4 nights

Hotel: Grand Hyatt Kauai (To save money, I would recommend an AIRBNB or condo since you’ll hardly be in your room)

Flight: United Airlines

Must see sights:

  • Napali Coast
    • The best way to see the coast is on a boat/cruise tour. If you decide to do a kayak tour, please be advised the water is VERY choppy
    • Tip- If you aren’t into the 4-5 hour boat cruises, there’s a quick 1.5 option on a small speed type boat that will get you up and close for photo ops. Only downside is that since the water is so choppy, you will feel it all. Make sure to bring sea sickness medication JIC!
  • Waimea Canyon
    • Make sure to bring water and snacks in case you decide to hike to see the best view. The hikes are moderate to difficult due to steepness and some unpaved trails.
    • Tip- The road up the canyon is windy, so bring motion sickness medicine if you’re prone to that
  • Seal watching in Poipu
    • There’s a hidden beach behind the golf course of the Hyatt that is secluded
  • Wailua River and Opeaka Falls
    • First you kayak for about 2 miles, then hike for 2 miles to get to the waterfall
    • Tip- Bring mosquito spray!!! Wear water shoes with good grip b/c you will get completely muddy up to your knees.
    • Tip- The path isn’t the most obvious, so if you’re on a budget, trail behind a tour group to get you on the right track.
  • Jurassic Park Falls
    • Always try to book a helicopter tour or observation deck at the beginning of your trip, so you can get a good overview of the island/city. This will help you familiarize yourself with the area
    • Tip- When we went, the only tour that lands at the Jurassic Park Falls is Island Helicopter Kaui, and that was for certain days. Please call in advance to check.
    • Tip- we called early in the morning, and booked a tour the same day that wasn’t filled up and received a big discount
  • Queens Bath
    • This sight is in a residential neighborhood that can be tricky to find, but well worth it!
    • Once you park, you have to hike down a path for about .5 mile to the ocean. Then, you take a left and walk/climb on rocks to the bath
    • It’s a hidden gem that looks like a rock swimming pool in the ocean
    • Tip- bring a towel
  • Beaches
    • Rest and relaxation
    • Don’t forget sunscreen, towel, goggles, a good book and your fav beverages
    • Look out for turtles, seals and whales (depending on season)
    • Tip- stop by Fish Express or any other local market to pick up Poke, pork and other delicious meals. Poke is fresh pacific tuna cubed and marinated with different flavors. This is a cheap lunch that’s also packed with flavor
  • Spa
    • Tired of hiking? Me too. Check out the spas at any of the hotels
    • Tip- Book an appointment later in the day around 5pm or 6pm. This way you can explore the sights all day, then unwind and relax those sore muscles. Call for specials. They usually have evening deals.
  • Luau out
    • A must-do! This activity gets you into the Hawaiian culture and teaches you about their history and tradition
    • We went to the one in the Hyatt because we were staying there, but heard this one is also good
    • Tip- Make sure to book in advance online to get a discount


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