Chemical-free Room Freshening Spray

By Meghan Rossi

Hi friends!

If you’re like me, you have a powerful romance with smell.  The right mix can completely affect your mood—it can make you feel joy, calm, romance, comfort, and so on.  And on the flip side, those nasty smells can make you feel anxious, irritated and downright nauseous.

I’d love to share with you my recipe for a super easy, make-it-yourself room freshening spray. 

I’ve long been a shopper of room freshening sprays.  As more and more research has been released about the harmful, toxic ingredients found in so many sprays (even those marked as having “natural scent” which is just a jumble of hidden, toxic no-no’s), I’ve been trying to find clean and healthy ways to freshen up our home that’s especially safe for our dogs and children.

Eventually I was led to simply create my own.  It’s a fun craft, remarkably easy, and ounce for ounce the cost is pennies on the dollar compared to what I was spending in the store.

Here’s my current recipe for Room Freshening Spray because I’m absolutely OBSESSED with the mixture of lavender and peppermint

8oz Glass Spray Bottle (glass is vital as pure essential oils will eat away at plastic)

Fill ¾ full with Distilled Water

Fill Remaining with Witch Hazel

10 drops EACH of: Lavender, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint pure essential oils

Shake it up, and spritz away to your heart’s delight!



Wanna shop my ingredients?  The spray bottles and witch hazel used I purchased from Amazon.  You can click here and then click on RELAXATION.

The essential oils used are a mix of Aura Cacia (Whole Foods) and Young Living.  You can shop Young Living pure essential oils by clicking here and enter Member Number 20722264.

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