Declutter Your Creative Space

With April being a month about cleaning, I figured this is the best time to organize and declutter the corner of my bedroom that I use as an office. I use my desk for multiple things, I study for courses I am taking, do my crafts, write, edit photos and videos, and work from it. With busy lives and so many things on the go, it is essential that it stays organized and free of any clutter. But there are times, like right now when it is a cluttered mess.

Clutter is another factor that can add stress to our lives. It also makes it longer to do things when you have to try to find what you need, distract you, and generally weigh you down. While it is hard to tackle clutter because you never know where to start, once done you will be more productive, organized, and less stressed, like the quote goes “tidy house, tidy mind.”

Do not get overwhelmed; take small steps the change will still be noticeable. The desk that I have has no drawers, just four shelves. The first thing to do is to remove every single thing off my desk and put it somewhere I won’t trip over it. Using a damp cloth, I wiped down all the surfaces to get the dust and dried paint off. While that is drying, it is time to sort through the clutter. Going through you can make three piles, keep, garbage/recycle, and donations. I have a lot of loose papers, and they were sitting in my inbox. What will be done from now on is filing away what needs to be filled as soon as it needs to, not letting that build up happen again. You can use an old glass to hold your pens. Once you have gone through and everything has been put away, the shelves/drawers will be organized, and the top of your desk is now more spacious for the computer and supplies that you need when you are at your desk to create.

It is easy to put this off, but by doing things now, it will save the extra stress and headache by being surrounded with less clutter.  I hope this helps, let the creative juices flow!

Until next time,

Sarah Wylde

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