Essential Oils To Help Get You To Sleep

Do you get insomnia because of your anxiety? So, do I.

With my anxiety and depression, I find that it dramatically affects my sleeping pattern. I go through times of insomnia where I can barely sleep and manage only to get four hours of broken sleep. With that little sleep, it is challenging to function, and it increases my anxiety and tends to lead to more frequent panic attacks. But I have found some alternative ways to relax and help myself fall asleep. I have introduced essential oils to my nighttime routine, and it helps with waking up feeling refreshed.

Essential oils smell amazing, and they are also environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals. The oils are extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing directly from the plant or flower its self. Like anything, research the oils before buying them, you want to get 100% pure essential oils to reach their full benefit.

Using adaptogen, where a natural substance, in this case, scent, helps your body manage the anxiety. Different scents will have different effects on people. Because smell has a strong influence on how we feel, using these calming essential oil smells can help create a scent memory and train your brain that when you smell these particular ones, it is relaxing.

There are two ways I use the essential oils in my nighttime routine. Topically, by rubbing it on the bottom of my feet and my temples and aromatic in a diffuser or putting it on my pillows. Most brands will also have blends, with more than one oil in it, including a combination for sleep or relaxation.

The best essential oils for sleep that work for me are:








The above scents will not work for everyone, and you can also mix them and create your blend. I like mixing cedarwood, lavender, and a little chamomile. You will have to look at the scents the brand of essential oils you are using and find what best suits you.

Until next time,
Sarah Wylde

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