You Have a Reason to Celebrate Every Single Day

I had an epiphany recently. Oh boy! Hold on tight.

Before I get to it, a tangent if you don’t mind.  If you’ve read any of my past articles on anxiety you’ll know that my first step in calming the shortness of breath and quivering is by focusing on having a positive mindset.  I work very hard on forcing in the positive thoughts, and meditating on the good in the present moment.  I was having one of these positive moments of clarity when I realized the epiphany I’m about to share.

Did you know that there are more than 2,300 national days, holidays and other days of importance celebrated in the United States?  Yep, everything from National Carrot Cake Day to National Customer Appreciation Day.  We have multiple reasons to celebrate and focus on the simple joys every single day. 24/7/365, our current American culture has given us something to smile about, and a reason to express gratitude.

Have you ever extracted the positive out of our current society in that way? Or have you been too consumed by the negative portrayed by the news headlines?  Flip your outlook and think about it. 

There’s a good chance that 200 years from now the new current society will look back on 2019 and say, “Wow, now THAT’S when Americans truly new how to celebrate life! They celebrated something every day, and some days there were multiple reasons to focus on gratitude”.

Pretty cool, huh?

I think it’s pretty spectacular that we have set aside a moment to express gratitude for our co-workers, our bosses, customers, favorite foods, family members, heroes and acclaimed leaders.  It’s really something special if you pause to reflect.

I’ve taken note of a few of the special days assigned to celebrating kindness and love toward those most near and dear:

Valentine’s Day – February 14

Random Acts of Kindness Day – February 17

Social Justice Day – February 20

National Sibling Day – April 10

National Pet Day – April 11

National Honesty Day – April 30

National Day of Prayer – May 2

Mother’s Day – May 12

National Say Something Nice Day – June 1

Father’s Day – June 16

National Friendship Day – August 4

Grandparent’s Day

National Family Day – September 26

National Make a Difference Day – October 26

National Day of Listening – November 29

National Day of Giving – December 3

How will you be celebrating #WorldHelloDay on November 21st? <<insert smiley face>>



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