Fitness vs. Working Out

By Lisa Vasquez

When someone says that they’re “into fitness” and someone says, “I’m working out” for the most part you tend to think..they’re saying the same thing, right? The truth is there’s a difference. When someone says, “I’m working out” often it can mean that it’s something they’ve just started, like a new regimen or routine. When someone says, “I’m really into fitness” it’s possible that what they really mean is that they have made it their lifestyle.

Before we delve further, we need to take note that neither one is bad. In fact, there are many reasons for why a person’s workout may not be consistent. They might have health problems, they might not know how to workout correctly, or they may have overdone it which resulted in an injury. On the other hand, someone may be working out to lose weight for a special occasion, to pass a physical, or perhaps they want to bulk up/slim down for a photo shoot, or film.

A person who has made the commitment to fitness understands that there is a system involved. It not only includes what you do on the outside, but what you do with your insides as well. Our bodies are machines that need regular maintenance to keep it working in tip-top shape.

Putting the right things inside your body, will result in what the output is. It has the power to change your overall general health and well-being. A person that trains their body is also training their mind. They gain focus because of the fireworks set off by the increase of blood flow, oxygen, and hormones like dopamine!

What we get back is this amazing rush of euphoria — especially when you’ve just died from a killer workout — it also clears up your skin, and helps with depression. Incorporating fitness into your life and making it a part of who you are gives you a sense of value. And that means it’s also cheap therapy.

Fueling your insides means that you eat the right amount of food so that your machine gets the vitamins, nutrients and calories required to be active. When you feed your body, you give it everything it needs to complete the task without depriving it. In doing so your system doesn’t feel the need to pull from other places. That means you get a great workout and your body knows you’ll give it what it needs to heal and repair.

In this day and age, we have too many things that force us to be constantly “on”. Technology is an amazing luxury but when your body doesn’t get the exercise it needs your mind stays on and drains you slowly day and night (think about leaving your cellphone on all night without charging it). Proper sleep and exercise reminds your brain that day is day, night is night, and resting refuels you for tomorrow. You’ll start feeling more energized, stronger and ready to take on anything life throws at you.

The best part of being “into fitness”? It can help prevent injury and illness, and thousands of dollars in health related medical bills.

What does that mean? You live a longer, more efficient life. Now it’s your turn! Tell us what fitness means to you!

Go ahead, do something for YOU and #gogetitlife !

Lisa Vasquez is an author, former personal trainer and mom. When she’s not writing, she loves to stay active by working out, meeting new people, watching movies and writing. She leads a chaotic, fun-filled life in Houston, Texas.

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