Foodie Friday: Cherry-Greens Smoothie

By Shannon Franz

Cherry-Greens Smoothie

makes 2 servings

I love trying to incorporate the equivalent of a small salad in smoothies – it’s such an awesome way to get delicious greens when you’re on the go. This particular smoothie has a bit of a “fresh cut grass” taste, but is toned down with the cherries, making for a delicious culinary adventure.

Cherry-Greens Smoothie


5 ounces frozen cherries

4 cups baby kale

1 scoop protein powder

1 scoop Amazing Grass Raw Reserve

1 cup full fat coconut milk

1 cup Forager’s Coconut Cashew milk

filtered water, as needed

Smoothie Ingredients


Put ingredients in a high powered blender in the order listed above and blend, scraping the sides, if needed. If it’s too thick, add filtered water until the desired consistency is achieved. If it’s not sweet enough, add a few more cherries (word to the wise: red+green= brown, so it may end up a brown color with more cherries)

Pour into 2 glasses and enjoy with a friend. 

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