Foodie Friday: Foods to Help Reduce Anxiety

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In today’s Foodie Friday spectacular we are approaching the subject of your diet and how it can either contribute to or reduce anxiety.

Anxiety is my achilles heel. It took me getting to the absolute peak of anxiety to really dive into how to get it under control. The cheapest, fastest way: diet!

Now, it wouldn’t be too smart of me to only mention diet as a cure for anxiety, so I must take a moment to share that I also bring use breathing techniques, exercise, and natural supplements together to help calm me down during an anxiety attack.

To begin, without a doubt there is one crucial step I take to fight my anxiety: completely remove caffeine from my diet and drastically increase my water intake. Caffeine is anxiety’s best friend. Coffee? Buh bye! I’ll have maybe one cup of decaf coffee if I’m trying to power through a 4-hour sleep night. That’s it. Otherwise, if my anxiety is creeping up, if I’m bones tired, it’s all water, all day long.

If I’m relaxed and in a completely calm state, I do enjoy a good coffee with perky caffeine. But if I’m overwhelmed and my anxiety is crushing my lungs– it’s at least 80oz of water from OUNCE WATER, and peace out to coffee or anything with high levels of caffeine.

Next, is what you eat. No donuts, no sugary crapola! Put it down now! I like to use food as a source of comfort, and I have one of the sweetest tooth’s in the business. When my anxiety is showing its ugly face, no way am I reaching for a bag of candy, or any other type of sugary delight. Not today sugar satan!

I found a great article from which outlines six healthy foods that help reduce anxiety, and the solid science behind each.

These foods are:

  1. Salmon
  2. Camomile
  3. Turmeric
  4. Dark Chocolate
  5. Yogurt
  6. Green Tea

Click HERE to read the article which details these six foods, plus a short list of many other healthy foods that help to reduce anxiety.

Isn’t it amazing how we can begin to change our entire physical, mental and spiritual health just by what we consume?



P.S. Another great way to reduce anxiety is to practice daily mindfulness. Click HERE to learn more about the Go Get It LIFE Daily Mindfulness Logbook.

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