Foodie Friday: How to Save Money and Avoid Excess Food Waste

How many times have you regretfully had to fill your trash bins with wasted, unused food that has spoiled?  I know I have and it makes me feel so guilty and wasteful.  Truly! I’ll sit there and think of all the hard work, shipping and sorting that took place to grow and package my food. I think of all the dollars wasted. 

On April 22 we will gather together to celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day to remind everyone how much our planet needs our love and attention.

Our everyday routine and the busyness of work and family can make recycling forgotten and food waste happen. No matter how sincere our intentions are, life happens and we can lose sight of the bigger picture.

Let’s try to get back on track this Earth Day and make sure this planet is well enough for our children and their children.

There’s a way that we can make a difference and try to avoid excess food waste.  I’ve just discovered this cool solution – PlateJoy! PlateJoy is a meal subscription service unlike the meal kit subscription plans out there. PlateJoy, instead, offers tailored plans that include recipes and grocery lists that give you more flexibility and control.

This solution really is two-fold – helping out with your busy schedule and making sure the planet is taken care of. The tailored meal plans are based on your lifestyle to take the work out of prepping and cooking and they use technology to reduce waste.

With their Digital Pantry feature, PlateJoy remembers what you already have in your home to make sure you get grocery lists that smartly reduce food waste.

Take their personalized quiz to start your FREE Trial and Get Started Today! Plus enjoy $10 off your first PlateJoy subscription with code GET10.

Let’s celebrate Earth Day this year and make things a little easier with this fresh take on meal planning and grocery shopping.



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