Go Get It LIFE Poem

Hi friends!

On Tuesday of this week, I was on social media when I saw that I had been tagged in a post.  Turns out, it was an incredibly touching poem written by Lydia Nagel. It came at the perfect moment, and instantly struck humility and joy within me.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, and all that we are grateful for, this poem right here means so much to us.

Thank you, Lydia, for being part of this beautiful Go Get It LIFE family.  And thank you for taking the time and using your heart to write this.

Happy Thanksgiving,



Lydia’s Poem

Go Get It Life

Founded by Theo Rossi and his amazing wife

This awesome foundation: Go Get It Life

It’s about staying positive and being strong

Even when you feel that everything goes wrong

It’s about adopting a pet and always be kind

Never let negativity dominate your mind

So live the Go Get It Life style just like me

You’ll feel better, you’ll see

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