Go Get It LIFE 2016 Gratitude Challenge!

Go Get It LIFE is announcing our annual GRATITUDE CHALLENGE! We are encouraging you to do something good for yourself, someone you know or a complete stranger. Then share the story with Go Get It LIFE!  Simply email your Gratitude Challenge story to stories@gogetitlife.com  Please try to keep your stories to 600 words or less, and include one photo that is associated with your act of kindness.

Gratitude Challenge stories must be received by December 22, 2016.
Winners will be announced on December 28, 2016.

Five lucky winners will receive a Target gift card, Staten Strong apparel and one grand prize winner will get a FaceTime chat with Theo Rossi!

Share how you’re giving back with the Go Get It LIFE #GratitudeChallenge

Go Get It LIFE team


3 thoughts on “Go Get It LIFE 2016 Gratitude Challenge!

  1. Autumn

    since I cannot afford Christmas for my own family let alone someone else, I am wiccan, so I have been creating wish and prosperity spells for those in need. I also throughout the entire year give bottles to homeless, give water in the summer,and am always willing to help feed the hungry…I also give clothes to those in need that are donated to me that I cannot use. I recently took in a stray dog,he now has a forever home, his name is mr weiney (weiner dog) we got his nails clipped they were so long they were curling,got him a sweater and he is very happy…good luck and Blessed Be to all

  2. Joanne Agnello

    I don’t do anything extra special. See I am the mother of an autistic child. During the holidays cam be very overwhelming for him, the lights all the people shopping, new smells and such. I work each day to help him and feel comfortable with where he is and with what is happening around him. I want him to enjoy this life and colorful world. And as his mom I will do anything and everything to make that happen.
    Happy holidays…merry christmas…fa la la

  3. Claudia Moreno

    My mom Aida Moreno is what I am most grateful for she in my eyes Superwoman. This year do to a horrible turn of events our family almost lost my dad and turned our lives upside down. Now life as we know it has changed she cares for my father daily taking him to physical therapy and countless doctors. But she is selfless and never gets a moment to herself. She is the definition of grace and gratitude. She is My superwoman and everything in this life I want to be. She does for everyone but never expects anything in return other than prayer for good health.


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