Gratitude Jar

Hi friends!

There is much to be said about our mindset. When it comes to overpowering my own brain’s inclination toward anxiety and depression, my absolute number one, 911, free of cost instant fix is readjusting my mindset. Instead of focusing on the daunting and somewhat overwhelming fears that are leading to my anxiety, I instead turn my thoughts toward all the good and joyful in my life.

Now listen, at times our minds can be so dark and dirty that thinking about what’s good and joyful in our “life” is a bit daunting. If that’s where you’re at right now, then know that for this exercise try, “let’s focus on what’s good and joyful TODAY”.

Daily mindfulness is the cornerstone of us creating the Daily Mindfulness Logbook. The morning and evening writing prompts are an excellent source of encouragement to focus on adjusting our mindset. I know for a fact that organizing your thoughts for the day, and then processing the emotional vibrations of the day, are highly beneficial. What I also know is that we all have our own rhythm. We all have a tactic that works best for us.

I was recently introduced to the Gratitude Jar. The idea is phenomenally simple. Grab a jar, a cup, whatever you have stocked away in your kitchen cabinet. Next, grab a stack of post-it notes or small notebook paper, and a pen or pencil. You’ll want to place your jar, post-it notes, and pen/ pencil in a spot that you will see every day. This could be on your bathroom counter, your bedside table, next to the toilet, wherever!

At the end of every day, just like you brush your teeth, write down ONE note of gratitude. This could be, “the cashier at the coffee shop was friendly”, “the woman in the black car was so kind to let me have a parking spot”, “got recognized at work today for exemplary work on project”, or “my loved one gave me the most sincere hug today”. Could be as small or big of a gesture that you would like.

Fold up the paper and place it in the jar. Do this every night for one year. Then, one year later make time to sit down and read through all 365 single notes of gratitude. You will see how truly and remarkably beautiful your life is.

So I challenge you to set up your Gratitude Jar today, and begin with your first simple note of daily gratitude tonight before you head off to bed.

Please post pictures online of your Gratitude Jar. Be sure to tag @gogetitLIFE and hashtag #GratitudeJar



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