Happy February! Let’s discover our best selves

By Meghan Rossi

Hi Go Get It LIFE family! 

I hope this letter finds you well, and if not, then my prayer is that your heart is filled with the promise of tomorrow.

It’s hard to forget the moment when Theo and I had the idea for GGIL.  We were living in Los Angeles while he filmed the final season of FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”.  We were on a run around the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena.  Running together is when we have some of our best brainstorm sessions. 

We were talking about the growing online chorus of people engaging in our #GoGetIt inspirational posts. In the same breath, we were voicing our concerns about how much negative information is being dispersed to us via media outlets, and how that negative content was elevating anxiety, depression and the breakdown in relationships of all forms.  We felt compelled to give solid life to the #GoGetIt movement.

We wanted to create an online space that is a positive source of encouragement with one end goal in mind: to encourage you to live your best life.  Whatever that looks like for you.  We want to be a source of motivation to make incremental positive changes in your life to be YOUR BEST SELF.

We firmly believe that if we are our best selves, that will ripple effect into our family, friends, co-workers, community and beyond.  We believe that, yes, one person does make a difference.

So instead of feeding ourselves with the things that deplete our souls, our physical bodies, and our mental health, let’s come together with the commitment to allow in all the things that make us our strongest selves—mind, body and soul.

As we enter our sixth year of Go Get It LIFE, I am so encouraged by the ongoing support for this movement.  I recently posted an open letter asking for feedback.  What does GGIL mean to you?  What do we do that motivates you? What would you like more/ less of?  THANK YOU for the responses. I’ve been reading through them, and am trying my best to respond to everyone.

One thing I especially love is our newly formed GGIL Book Club. We just wrapped up “30 Days 30 Ways to Overcome Anxiety” by Bev Aisbett.  On deck for February 2020 is Brené Brown’s highly acclaimed “Daring Greatly”.  I have watched Brené’s Netflix special, but never read her book. I AM READY TO DO THE WORK! 

February is a month dedicated to many causes, but for me, most especially it is Black History Month and the time we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  This is a time to pay special attention to our past behaviors, to acceptance, to forgiveness, to new growth and fresh beginnings, and a special time to pay it forward with love in mind. 

This is a wonderful month of opportunity to share kind words with those who help us daily, who mean so much to us.  Make sure they know they are appreciated and loved.

“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

I wish you all a month filled with doing the work, and making incremental steps toward your best self.



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