How to Involve Your Kids in New Year’s Resolutions

By Sarah Wylde

Continuing with last week’s topic of New Year’s resolutions, I thought it would be helpful to talk about how you can involve your children and the benefits of that.

An excellent way to begin is to go over with them what resolutions/goals are, why they are important and give examples of previous ones you or they have done. Depending on their age, getting them to take part in a yearlong resolution could prove to be tricky. Starting out making them monthly, but still calling them New Year’s resolutions, will give them the feeling of accomplishment and doing something grown up like their parents. With that being said, parents will have to lead by example, keeping to their own.

When it comes time to choose the resolutions/goals, let kids decide what they want theirs to be, with you helping to make sure they are achievable. To keep your child interested, find ways to keep the resolutions fun and maybe have a small reward at the end of the month to work towards in the beginning. In the long run, they will learn responsibility, build their confidence, and self-esteem as they complete what resolution/goal they are working towards.

When your kids are coming up with their resolutions/goals, make sure it is being said and written in positive language, so it is not taken as a way to correct bad behaviours. Instead of it being “I am going to stop…” have it be, “I am going to do…”

As mentioned above, let them decide on their resolutions, but help make them attainable for them; for example, if they want to eat healthier, maybe suggest they will choose water instead of juice or pop. If the resolutions are specific, it makes it easier for them to follow along.

Here are some suggestions that are broken down by age groups:


  • I will learn how to help clear the table for when I am done eating
  • I will wash my hands after the bathroom and before I eat
  • I will try hard to pick up my toys when I am done playing with them
  • I will listen to my parents

School-aged (5-12):

  • I will make my bed each morning
  • I will drink water instead of pop
  • I will eat fruit and vegetables each day
  • I will do my chores each day

Let us know what resolutions your kids came up with in the comments below.

Until next time!

Sarah Wylde

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