How to make new crayons from old, broken pieces

By Meghan Rossi

Y’all! I have found a craft and mom-hack that I actually conquered with great success. Not to mention, on the first try!

If you’re like us, then you likely have broken crayons filling up your art supplies box.  Instead of wasting all that useable color, there is an extremely easy way to give them a second life.

I present to you: creating new crayons out of broken pieces.

What you’ll need:

Cup of coffee

Silicon candy mold (oven safe)

Some good ‘tunes

Pile of broken crayons

Trash can to dump all the paper wrapping.


Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees F.

Remove paper wrapping around crayons, and break the into small pieces (about 1” long give or take).

Sort and place broken crayon pieces inside the candy molds.

Place candy molds filled with broken crayons on an oven-safe cookie tray.

Bake for 10-20 minutes. Check often and remove from oven once all crayons are fully melted. (the kiddos love keeping the oven light on and running over often to check on their creation)

Place tray on counter to cool.

My first batch took about 30 minutes to cool, but I got busy and came back a few hours later to remove.  Simply pop the new crayons out of the silicon molds and you’re all set!

Take a moment to feel a wave of pride for your resourceful and fun craft project.  Added bonus: this is a great science lesson for the kiddos learning about solid, liquid and gas.  They can watch the crayons go from solid, to liquid, and form back to solid.

Another fun idea is to mix a few fun colors together in some of the slots to give you a mix of solid colors + funky mixed crayons. Have fun!



You can find the candy mold I used for this creation on my Amazon page.  Simply CLICK HERE, then click on Kitchen Goods and scroll to find the candy molds. Sold in set of 3 (green, yellow & blue). 

The sorting process and removal of paper wrapping.
Filling the candy molds with our broken crayons. We did a few slots with solid colors and others with a little mix.
What our new crayons looked like immediately upon removal from oven. They were cooled into solid crayons within the hour. Simply pop out to remove.

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  1. Tasha

    This is an awesome idea! Gonna have to try it with my nephew this weekend. Lord knows we have a TON of broken crayons in the art bin.

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