Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Alright, y’all. We’ve all been there. Thanks to the blessing of procrastination, it’s Halloween morning and you’ve gotta throw together a festive Halloween getup for today. Maybe it’s for yourself, your significant other, child, pet or pet rock… everyone needs a little razzle dazzle today and you have negative five minutes to make it happen. I’m purposefully posting this at 7:00am so if anyone else, like me, is trying to quickly Google while the coffee brews, I got you.

Hands down, the best link I’ve found thus far to Halloween costumes is right here. They’re legit easy to make, inexpensive costumes that had me literally laughing out loud at my computer as I went through the slide show.  As long as you have scissors and tape, you can put most of these together on the fly.

Link Uno from Good Housekeeping:

Now, when it comes to decorating, it can be a little harder to pull together the last minute decor using pre-existing items in your home. However, I have found links, that when combined, offer some great ideas.  Have some extra paint? Slap it on those pumpkins? Scissors, some yarn & white fabric, voila lollipop Ghosts, and don’t tempt me with a BOO banner. A pumpkin ice chest? Now you’re just flirting with me.

Link Dos from Better Homes And Gardens:

Link Tres from Decoist:

Food and Beverage… let’s not fool ourselves people. If it’s Halloween morning and you’re just reading this, you most likely don’t have time to whip up a homemade festivity.  Grab anything you can that’s black, white or orange. Run by the store for some pre-made cupcakes, throw them on a Halloween platter (I mean, it’s all about presentation!), and get that bag of candy!

Happy Halloween and have the BEST time today!