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Hi friends!

I don’t know about you, but I seem to find myself in a constant state of trying to establish, and STAY ON, a schedule. My life is so unpredictable.  Like, it’s overwhelming and exhausting at times.  With a history of ADHD and anxiety, writing lists, goals and “to do’s” is a therapy that keeps me in balance.

One of the biggest hurdles faced in our household is balancing the day’s unexpected surprises  with the “to do list” we had already established for ourselves.  Ya’ know: those mornings when you wake a few minutes early, jot down a goal sheet for the day, and then WHA-BAM! The emails, phone calls, texts and social media alerts come flying in and suddenly… you don’t control your day, everyone else does.

I have certain items that must fit into my day: two children, special needs dogs, a husband, running a house, work (I am co-owner of two businesses + work in the entertainment production & PR world), communication with friends and family, and at some point exercise and other minor self-care needs. A husband that travels extensively, and at times on very short notice, throws a nice little wrench into this ocean of change.

Needless to say, trying to keep up with this cycle was driving me nuts.  My husband and I talk constantly about the need to work towards developing structure within an unpredictable world.

Have you ever read the book, “The Tipping Point”? If not, it’s fantastic and I highly recommend it! I’m an avid reader. The basic synopsis that I took away from “The Tipping Point” was the  point in which your idea, your life takes a turn. In news, we called it the “spring board” idea. Basically, I was just waiting for the day when one of my best friends texted me that this company, Erin Condren, was having a sale and I should check it out.

Now, I’m more of an analog girl. I like writing and reading on REAL PAPER.  So! I was very excited to learn of this company, and scooped up a life planner and a meal planner. This was my tipping point to getting back into tip-top scheduling shape.

You ever put on workout clothes and instantly feel your muscles firm? Well that’s how I felt, in an organized way, the second I hit “confirm purchase”. Zing Zang! I’m more organized already! Watch out world!

Then, as luck would have it, on the very same day a friend sent me a motivational video.  I noticed at the bottom of the page that there was a thumbnail link to this video from Jordan Page about her creation of a personal “block schedule”. Who is this Jordan Page? Who is Erin Condren? Two discoveries in one day! It was a match made in organizational Heaven!

I’ve included links below to all my recent discoveries. 🙂

Jordan’s video is most definitely the single-most helpful resource for me.  Her block schedule makes total sense to me. It gives me a lot of confidence that, through three hour blocks that have designated tasks contained within them, I can actually stay pretty close to maintaining a daily routine and ACCOMPLISHING MY “TO DO” LIST. And if I veer off track, I can rebound.  I do VERY well by following written guidelines.  So I’ve taken Jordan’s advice, written out my personal blocks, posted them on the wall, and use them as my daily guide.

This, coupled with the use of my new life planner and meal planner, are helping me SO MUCH! I’ve never in my life meal-planned. Way too many evenings I stare at the fridge with no clue what to cook. The kids are going bonkers, the dogs are nuts, and I freeze thinking of the fastest, healthiest thing I can cook for a variety of nutritional parameters.

Thinking ahead is saving me time and money, and helps me use everything in my fridge.  We are vegan & vegetarian, so we purchase a lot of produce. A goal of mine has been not to let any produce go to waste before its expiration date.

I fully accept that it’s impossible to follow any schedule or meal plan “perfectly”.  There are so many moving parts to my life that I’m okay with a little gray area, so long as I continue to man the wheel and not slide over into the passenger seat.

I hope this post sparks a light in your day to take the steps that work best for you to take more control of your life.




Jordan Page “Block Scheduling Video”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BKuSlstIBM

Scheduling Tips: https://www.wikihow.com/Schedule-Your-Day

Erin Condren (just for fun!): https://www.erincondren.com

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get On A Schedule

  1. Jenny Lally

    Thank you for sharing these links and for putting down the thoughts that probably run through every busy parents mind on a regular basis.

    I thought I would share the changes we made about 6 months ago that helped us with schedule. We made them one at a time so we could assess whether they worked for us

    I bought 2 magnetic list pads. One has space in simple blocks for the weeks meals – we split it into breakfast lunch and dinner. The second is a grocery list set out by department and it has space down the left hand side for you to note dinners as a reminder. Every Sunday night we make time for my husband 5YO and I to say what we would like to eat and we prepare he grocery list for Monday. Our grocery bills are much smaller and we don’t need to revisit the store which can screw up our schedules.

    I started to get up 30 minutes earlier to give me time to get ready in peace and get my head on straight for the day before Beck, my son gets up

    I schedule out rough times to do things in and when things don’t work out as planned I accept that I need to change and come up
    With another option on the fly. This is something I especially needed to do to fit in exercise. We just started Kindergarten and the difference in hours meant getting workouts in was hard so I spent one evening coming up with shorter 15.20 and 30
    Minute workouts I could do in most places to make sure I got some healthy time in

    We moved all our bedtimes to be earlier as cranky folks make bad decisions or have to redo things

    We try and put completable tasks on our list and share the concept of one and done. Get it done well and then move forward. We’re trying to share this with my son so he can develop good habits around looking after his things and getting his jobs done

    Thanks again for sharing. I appreciate your time and effort

    1. Meghan Post author

      Jenny! Thank you so much for sharing your personal story of getting organized and setting a schedule. I’m taking a few tips from you as well! – Meghan

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