The Little Biting Tree: Natures Best Gift For Babies

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As you know, we love sharing stories and products that promote wellness and better living. Pretty much we promote anything that helps you live the best life possible.  Why not share all these helpful products and tips with you guys, right!?

We were introduced to a company called The Little Biting Tree created by Ilana Scheinker, that made us realize that there are tons of better alternatives for toxic products that are currently on the market.  Especially those products that we think are safe to ingest or even place into our mouths.  It’s amazing what we can learn by doing a little research and really paying attention to how a product is made and with what ingredients.

The Little Biting Tree is one of those items that all parents should look into because it promotes a safe and all-natural alternative to children teething rings. A big thank you to Ilana for taking the time to interview with us to help promote a safe product for our little ones.

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Q&A with Creator, Ilana Schienker, of “A Little Biting Tree”


How did you come up with the idea of the Little Biting Tree?

I bought a turquoise silicone teething necklace when my little man started teething but the more I read about synthetics like silicone, the more it bothered me that I was letting my baby to put it into his mouth. I wanted something better, natural, something I felt more comfortable with. I searched far and wide for a teething and nursing necklace that was made with completely natural, raw and untreated wood but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. So I created my own! So many of my mommy friends commented on how much they loved the idea of a completely natural teething necklace and really like mine. So I thought, I have something here!

What is Little Biting Tree’s goal as a growing company?

We love working with Mahima Creations, a wonderful group that empowers the destitute widows of Vrindavan in Northern India, by teaching them skills, giving them jobs and support. Our goal is to work with more nonprofit organizations as we grow. Business wise, we are working our way into brick and mortar stores to be sold right along side the silicone teething necklaces. We want moms to know that there are other options.

Your products are all natural. Why was that important to you and what are the benefits?

As a mom I feel that it’s my responsibility to provide my baby with the best and to me the “best” means natural. What’s more natural than raw wood? I believe it’s important to know exactly what your baby is putting into their mouth. With The Little Biting Tree’s necklaces it’s just raw wood and pure cotton, no synthetics or chemicals to worry about here! Using wood has its benefits too as it is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral.

Why is it so important for parents to learn more about healthy alternatives to raise a family?

We don’t really know how all of these chemicals will affect our children in the future and so many things on the market are made with plastics, synthetics and chemicals. It’s almost unavoidable. I wanted to create something natural and affordable to parents who are looking for healthy alternatives for their family.

Anything else you would like to share?

I was raised in the world of natural alternatives. My father owned Tushies and Tendercare diapers and wipes, now Earth’s Best diapers and wipes. You could say that natural parenting is in my blood.



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