Make Your New Year’s Party A Resolution Party

By Sarah Wylde

I know that New Year’s Eve is still five months away, but lately, a themed party that I went to last holiday season has been going through my mind. Where we have been sharing and talking about that time of year, I figure it would be the perfect time to share it. Last December 31st, I went to my friends’ resolutions themed party. When I first receive the invite, I admit I was unsure of what to expect and if I would enjoy myself. Well, not only did I enjoy myself, I am going to throw a resolution themed party for New Year’s at my place this year.

It is not a hard theme to put together and does not cost a lot of money, and at that time of year, that is a bonus. Here are a few ideas that I will be doing. Along with party decorations, different beverages and food, there will be fortune cookies in a bowl on the table. Along the walls on a string will be decorative cards with positive affirmations and quotes written on them. In the central area, a poster board will be set up for guests to write goals for the new year on. As a crafter, I am going to attempt to have a section where people can sit and put together a vision board that they can take home. It is also a party theme where children can take part in the activities.

Now for the fun part, the resolution games! Here are two that are a lot of fun.

Giving everyone a piece of paper and something to write with, ask your guests to write one thing that they want to do less of and something they want to do more. Have them fold their answers and place into a basket. Allow each guest a turn to pull one out and with reading it out loud guess who they think wrote it. This game is a good ice breaker if not everyone is familiar with each other and gives more resolution/goal ideas.

This next game is just a twist on the two truths and a lie. Whoever’s turn it is, says three resolutions, two they are going to do and a third that they have no intention of doing. Guests will have to figure out which is the lie resolution.

You can tailor the theme and games to your preferences. I hope this gave some ideas for your resolution party.

Until next time!

Sarah Wylde