Micro Resolutions

By Sarah Wylde

This month we have been talking about New Year’s Resolutions, checking in, how to get your children involved, and how to keep them. This week, I would like to talk about a different kind and way of doing resolutions, goals, changes, or however, you choose to call yours.

The prospect of a new year, a new chapter and all that comes with it should be an exciting time; it’s a clean slate 365 new days to make a difference.  Often, usually, come mid to end January we are frustrated and down on ourselves because the vast list of things we wanted to work on, has been scrapped for one reason or another. It is not that we are failures; it is because we overachieved. We all hold the ability to make changes, but it is when they are too big that they become difficult to reach. Smaller changes can make a more significant impact on our long-term resolution plans.

That is where having micro resolutions could be to your benefit. They are smaller tasks that work towards a bigger goal. It will take longer to reach your resolution/goal, but you are more likely to keep up with your plan when you have the small victories on your path.

Here are some examples of from my micro resolutions:

I have wanted to make the change to be a vegetarian for a long time, but it is a lengthy process to learn about and make sure I am doing it a healthy way. So, my micro goal is currently on Mondays. I do not eat any meat. Down the road, I will increase that to two days and so on.

I am a person that stress eats. Usually, it happens in the evening when my mind and anxiety are going rampant. One way I found that has helped stop that, instead of not having food I like in the apartment, I make sure I brush my teeth before 8 pm. I found in doing that I do not go for food because my teeth are clean. I admit it doesn’t work all the time, but it is a change I have made and stick.

Another goal people (including myself) generally go for it to exercise more. This is also the resolution I find people quit the fastest. I have been guilty of this, as well. I would go to the gym, and it would be way to busy, or I felt out of place because I am plus-sized, and I stop. So, what I do is add little things to my days to add more movement. I go for more walks, if I am watching TV at commercials, I get up and do squats until my program is back on.

I hope this helps and inspires you until next time.

Sarah Wylde