Introducing the Mindfulness Logbook: A Go Get It LIFE and Justin Ryan Collaboration

It’s here! The Mindfulness Logbook is now available on Go Get It LIFE!

Mindfulness Logbook Front Cover

The Mindfulness Logbook is a set of two, pocket-sized books. The logbook is designed with an introduction page, 30 days worth of morning and evening writing prompts, and a summary page.  The morning page offers five writing prompts to help start your day, and the evening page offers seven prompts to guide you through a reflection of the day’s experiences.

Mindfulness Logbook Morning and Evening Prompts

The Mindfulness Logbook is intended to help increase your emotional awareness and help you reflect on and therefor learn from, the passing days.

I can imagine that you are wondering how this came about.

The backstory.

I’ve been wanting to ignite an interactive way that we (the Go Get It LIFE community) could, together, focus on our mental health.  Even if you’re not diagnosed with a mental illness, we are ALL experiencing the same emotions on a rotating basis. Whether it’s on the fear or joy spectrum, there is an emotional roller coaster that we are all strapped onto.

As I sat at my desk and contemplated, I reflected on the actions that clear my mind the most.

For example, when I’m in an especially chaotic time period, I will take pencil to paper and write out my list of “to do’s” for the next day. I’ll place a star next to the most important. I’ve found through trial and error that organizational apps and my notes on phone aren’t as effective. I have download my fair share of apps and never used them.  I take notes on my phone, but I get off course because, unless I open the notes on my phone, I’m not going to see my roadmap.

I have to physically write out my to-do list. If I don’t do this, I will have trouble sleeping. Not only that, but I will also not be as productive the next day. Instead of being the Captain of my day, I’ll easily allow the day to take me.

On the flip side, there is a tremendous peace when I wake up and go through my morning routine having my roadmap established for the day. Instead of worrying about what to do, or fearing that I’ll forget an important task, I will turn my attention toward strengthening my spirit– starting the day with positive affirmations and an optimistic attitude. This practice empowers me to have a joyful and fulfilled day. My defenses are up against any “crazy” that gets thrown my way.

I sat with these realizations and pondered how to translate that into a physical tool for all of the Go Get It LIFE community to experience.  And then it hit me! Out came my phone and the text messages to a friend of mine began, “You available for coffee this week? There’s an idea I want to speak with you about.”

He responded, “yeah, for sure. Don’t forget, there’s something I have been wanting to talk to you about as well.”

The other person is a friend of mine, Justin ( We worked together at the non-profit, Boot Campaign.  We’ve stayed in touch over the years, and we have worked together on a few design projects since both stepping into new professional territories.

Justin is a wildly talented graphic artist.  He’s designed merch and cover art for some of the hottest musical artists, and has done a load of graphic art for everyone and everything else. He’s humble and completely embarrassed when anyone brags on him.

Justin has two kiddos, and he too reflects a lot on his mental health in an effort to be the best husband and father possible. He also puts a lot of emphasis on encouraging emotional health within his children.

Justin and I soon met up at our usual coffee meeting spot in downtown Austin.  Him calm, me spazzing — per the usual dynamic of this duo.  I bursted out my idea of creating a journal over my coffee order, and he said that he too had the exact same idea. Say what?!?! The stars have aligned!  He had a framework written out and everything!

We dove right into planning — from business operations to logbook designs — without missing a beat.

And thus, the Mindfulness Logbook was born!

Justin and I are both so deeply committed to encouraging the conversation of mental health, and emotional health. We are constantly seeking tools for ourselves, and now for our children. His oldest is  in grade school, and is really starting to deal with the complexities of inter-personal relationships, classroom anxieties, and all that “fun” childhood stuff.  Talking about the day, good or bad, is at the forefront of their evening conversation.

It’s the same conversations Theo and I have already begun with our oldest, and it’s a core value that must be within anyone who cares for our child.  You gotta talk about emotions.  You gotta go through the ugly and the beautiful of life. If you keep things bottled up, if you brush aside your emotions, they will manifest and eat you up.  You gotta get this stuff out. So if you don’t feel okay talking about it quite yet, at least write it out.

Mindfulness Logbook Back Cover

The Mindfulness Logbook is suitable to for adults and children of all ages. In just a few minutes per day, you can begin to experience the positive ripple effect that daily mindfulness offers.

A few extra little tidbits about the Mindfulness Logbook:

  • Discount prices on bulk orders of 10 or more logbooks. Email for the special purchase link.
  • Free shipping to the Continental U.S.
  • International Shipping (for standard USPS fee)
  • 100% designed, printed and hand assembled in Austin, TX

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