Podcasts for Your Mindfulness Journey

Last week I mentioned that the past month I have been going back to my books, magazines, and podcasts to help keep me on track in my own mindful and mental health journey. In our mindful practices, our thoughts should be in tune with what we are feeling in that exact moment, rather than remembering the past or thinking of the future. That is easier said than done. 

I find when I am on the go or commuting, I like to listen to podcasts that talk about these subjects. Here are some podcast suggestions that can help in your mindful practice and mental health journey. 


This NPR podcasts mane is Latin for ‘all invisible things.’ Which is suiting since it looks at what impacts our behaviours, ideas, beliefs, and emotions on how they all impact our everyday lives.

On Being:

Hosted by Krista Tippett, she explores questions and meaningful topics with interviews. Every Thursday you will hear from scientists, artists, teachers, and theologians teaching you something new about life.

Confidence on the Go:

Trish Blackwell’s podcast focuses on building confidence, motivation, and inspiration.

The Self-Help Podcast:

Hosted by Edward Lamb along with guest host psychotherapist Sean Orford. They talk about emotional health, mindfulness, meditation, and well-being every Wednesday. The main focus is on helping listeners be self-aware.

The Wayward Podcast:

Every Monday, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster talk about subjects that are not always open in conversation. Some episodes so far have been about sex sleep, pain, happiness, moods, mom life, and much more.

Be My Neighbor:

Neighbors Bevin and Brittney get together to talk and interview various guests about life topics. They cover love, speaking kindly to yourself, relationships, fears, fitness, and beauty.

Mental Health Happy Hour:

Talking about fears, addictions, depression and all things mental health. You hear from people that have and are going through it, along with ways to cope.

The Struggle is Real:

As the title says, the struggle to talk about mental health is real. This podcast tackles that stigma and helps you understand how important it is to have the mental health conversation. They also talk about how to support someone going through mental health problem, how to follow it and talk about it quickly.

The Warrior Life:

This podcast teaches you complete health by focusing on food, relationships, stress, work-life balance, and mental health. It will inspire you to be the warrior you are.

Mindful Parenting in a Messy World:

This podcast with Michelle Gale is for parents who want to connect themselves and their kids into the moment. With supportive tips, and ideas she takes you on a journey.

There are multiple podcast options; the key is to try an episode or two and find the ones that suit you.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find the positive moments in a day and ourselves. For some reason, mental health is still considered a taboo subject, let’s change that.

Until next week!

Sarah Wylde

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