Positive Self-Talk

Alright, everyone, it’s time for some truth. When I sat down to write the outline for today’s article, I drew a blank. I was struggling to come up with something that was both meaningful and positive. Because of this, in my mind, I was saying that I can’t write and that I was a failure for letting people down. That is when it hit me, my negative self-talk was taking over.  

We all have a constant commentary about our life and how we perceive ourselves going on in our minds. Unfortunately, that chatter can become overpowered by negative talk. Over time we listen to that loop so much that it starts to become believable. That can impact your confidence and willingness to try new things since thoughts and belief inspire actions. That is where learning about how to change and rewrite those thoughts with positive self-talk begins. 

Positive self-talk is our internal voice and subconscious thoughts of how we view ourselves. Sometimes it takes weeding through the lies it says and finding the truth. Through positive self-talk, you are rewiring your brain with new habits to be more happy, confident, and positive. To do that you need to be aware and listen to what you are saying to yourself. If it is negative, challenge it.

What have you said to yourself today?

Was it helpful or hurtful?

What did you do to change it?

How did it make you feel afterwards?

Noticing the patterns when you start to say negative things in your mind is the first step in changing them. It is also about being aware of what the voice in your head is telling you about you. Once you are aware, you can challenge and rewrite those thoughts. There are many ways to go about this. In the beginning even just replacing the statement with milder wording is beneficial, so instead of angry change it to upset. There is thought stopping, which is when during the negative thought you either internally our verbally say “Stop.” I change the statements into a question; I find that it allows me to work out the negative thought into a plan with a positive outcome. So, “I can’t handle this” becomes “How can I handle this?”.

I want to leave you with some positive affirmations that are helpful and powerful.

I know who I am, and I am enough

I choose to be present in all I do

I look forward to what I can learn from challenges

I am still here

Until next time…speak kindly to yourself

Sarah Wylde

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