Prepare for Holiday Eating

By Lisa Vasquez, #GoGetItLIFE Contributing Writer

The holidays are right around the corner. The countdown to turkey and all the fixin’s is dwindling down and everyone has begun to scramble. So how are you going to keep off all of the weight you lost during summer? Relax. There’s no reason to panic over maintaining your weight as long as you use a few simple tricks of the trade.

First, drink more water. When you’re hydrated your hunger goes down. You want to make sure that you are sending the signal to your brain that your body has all that it needs and doesn’t need to engorge.

Second, don’t go all day without eating so you can “eat more at dinner”. This is the biggest mistake most people make and it costs them about 6k-10k or more calories! That’s about 3-4 time as much as you’d normally consume in a day. Think about all the crunches and hours of cycling to get that off!

Third, when being invited to dinners, plan your day accordingly. If you’ll be going to more than one house, break up your meal into the number of visits you’ll be making in a day. For example: You want to visit your parents, the in-laws and your best friend’s house for the celebration. Divide your plates into thirds. If you just can’t resist the grazing make sure you reach for the veggie tray and spare the dip. The veggies will fill you up, and be low enough in calories to keep you right on track.

Finally, be more active!  Walk around the block after dinner to get the digestive system working and to burn off any extra you consume. Get in a 30 min cardio workout in the morning and try to end all your heavy eating by 6 P.M.

Happy Holidays!


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