Remember Those New Year Resolutions?

By Sarah Wylde

In what has felt like a blink of an eye, we are now in the seventh month of 2019. Every few months, I like to go through my goal journal and daily planner to see what the year has been like so far with seeing all the ups, downs, improvements, and setbacks, that have happened. I wanted to ask all of you a question. How have you been doing with those New Year’s resolutions/goals?

First off, do not feel bad if you haven’t been keeping up with them, or have just decided not to do them at all. I have been 50/50 with mine so far. I kept up with the plan that I made for 2019 for a few months, and then I struggled, so I stopped. Sometimes, I get back on track, other times, they fade away and get forgotten about until I make the next New Year resolution/goal list. Honestly, sometimes it feels like a never-ending cycle that ends up stressing me out.

It got me wondering, why do we make resolutions/goals every end of December if they stress us, or at least me, out? I was out for coffee with some friends and family, and this topic came up. Knowing that I was going to be writing this post, I posed that question to them. There were mixed answers, one of my friends no longer does them because they know they will quit doing them; opting to do an end of 2018 thankful list instead (Side note, I am now adding that to my end of year traditions). She went on saying why make myself feel stressed out and like a failure for another to do list that doesn’t get done. For myself, I think of things I would like to accomplish in a year. Some are reasonable and attainable, others I admit are far-fetched. But it pushes me to strive for my dreams. I, though, like my friend, it does stress me out. When I hit the struggle moments, it does get my anxiety/depression brain going. My aunt makes a list every year, and then makes three copies of it, she keeps one in her wallet, one on her desk at home, and the other on her desk at work. That way, she can look at whenever and feel inspired. She looks at it as a way to be held accountable and try things that she may not. What I love is at the top of her resolutions/goals, there is a quote by H. P. Lovecraft:

“The oldest and strongest emotion if mankind id fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

But back to the question at hand. How have you been doing with those New Year’s resolutions/goals? Here are some ways to keep on top of your 2019 lists if you find yourself struggling. It can be difficult in January not to think of the previous year’s list and what you may not have done. Acknowledge that, accept that, and try to focus on the now. Break the big goals down to smaller categories so you can see the achievements. Be reasonable and know your limits; it will not happen overnight; some resolutions/goals do take time. Make time for self-care, even if it is not a New Year’s resolution take care of yourself.

Here is to the rest of the year and reaching our 2019 goals.

Until next time!

Sarah Wylde

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