St. John’s Wort – A Treatment for Depression

The use of prescription anti-depressants is on the rise.  It’s a trend that’s been tracked since 1999.  Today, 1 in 6 Americans reports taking some type of psychiatric drug, mainly anti-depressants. I myself am a former anti-depressant user.  More on that experience another time.

I set out on a research mission, and found a number of science based articles articulating the use of prescription drugs, and the believed culprits behind their increased use.




Notice key word above in the opening paragraph “former”. I tried natural supplements, and eventually worked my way into A LOT of talking, cutting out toxic people and situational triggers, putting a lot of focus into using running or walking to combat anxiety, and looking at how stimulants such as caffeine affected me (hello decaf coffee!).

The other day, my husband shared an article with me from VICE News.  This is an extremely helpful, in-depth look at the ways St. John’s Wort is greatly helping people with depression, and what you should know before taking this natural medicine. I wanted to share the article with  you today in the hopes that it might be a NATURAL option for you as you work to identify and overcome the triggers of your depression.

VICE News:

In conclusion, I have some very deeply felt opinions on the treatment of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, and all the conditions that web from them.  I am not yet comfortable publicly speaking about how medicated we are, at how disconnected we are, at how frantic our lifestyles have become.

Until then, I hope this post, and the links shared above, at least peaks your interest enough to take a pause today and reflect on your emotions, their cause, and how you are treating the symptoms of that root cause.



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