The Eight Day Self-Care Challenge

By Sarah Wylde

Have you ever forgotten to take care of yourself?

I know I have, multiple times even after I say I will take the time to take care of myself. We need self-care for our mental, emotional, and physical health. Taking care of ourselves sounds easy, but it is something that quite regularly gets forgotten or pushed aside. However, it is important because it helps keep us positive, happier, and can reduce anxiety in the long run.

Self-care is not a one-time thing, like anything it does take time to remember to put time aside for ‘you’ time. I go as far as to write it down in my planner that I use every day, this was I see it and make the time to relax and do the activity.

You may be wondering how to keep it from becoming repetitive and boring. There are multiple things you can do; it doesn’t just have to be a bubble bath all the time.

Here is an eight-day self-care challenge that I like to do at the beginning of each month as a reset. I also will do these as needed, once a week to keep myself calm and help my anxiety/depression levels. 

Day 1: Something art related — colour in a colouring book, draw, or another craft that you enjoy.

Day 2: Play music that you cannot help but dance to. Turn it up and have a dance party!

Day 3: Journaling. List five things you are grateful for, add quotes to your quote journal or write about your day.

Day 4: Spend half an hour outside. Go for a walk, garden, or sit and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Day 5: Take the day off from social media and if you can email and phone calls.

Day 6: Read a book. If there is a book that you have wanted to read but could never find the time, read it. Sit where you are comfortable, maybe with a cup of tea, have good lighting to see and get lost in the words on the page.

Day 7: Write mail to friends and family. We are in a very technology-driven world, we email or text instead of calling or sending a card. Take the time to write a letter or card that you can send to someone. They will appreciate the gesture, and it is always lovely to get non-bill mail.

Day 8: Take a long warm bath. I add lavender and lemon essential oils to the water for a calming smell. Play light listening to music down low and even have a face mask on while you soak away your stress.

I hope this helps; I would love to hear what you do for your self-care. Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

Until next time.
Sarah Wylde