The Flow of Let Go

Alyssa Malehorn is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel and psychic medium based in Austin, TX. I had the pleasure of spending time with her recently, and have been reading her book, “How Old is Your Soul?”.  All together it’s been an enlightening and educational experience.

I am now on her email list and recently received this message.  How many times have you “hit every red light”, been stuck in awful traffic, or had something in your home or vehicle break and just found yourself shouting, “WHY?!?!”.  I’ve come back to this teaching time and again.  The stories that cross my path to remind me to have patience and acceptance of the day’s occurrences.  The reminder to hold onto the belief of purpose and plan.  To trust in the flow.

I’ve felt compelled to share Alyssa’s story with you in hopes that it too will help you find peace within those stressful moments that have you shouting out loud, “WHY?!”.



The Flow of Let Go from Alyssa Malehorn

Last week we traveled to Denver for Zack’s business;  in advance I had reserved the coolest apartment. It was just 7 blocks from the convention center where Z would be most of the time. I love to stay in homes and apartments via AirBnB, instead of hotels for a lot of reasons.

First and foremost, FOOD. Because we’re plant-based eaters and I’m a gluten free girl, it’s much easier to eat when you have a kitchen instead of relying on restaurants. Much easier.

Sensitivity to EMFs/WIFI and chemicals is another reason – since most hotels are super EMF toxic, and use synthetic air fresheners and cleaning products – and non-toxic AirBnB’s are pretty easy to find.

(And yes, I used to feel guilty about being super-high-maintenance and like the Princess and the Pea…but I got over it and now I just honor my sensitivity as one of my super powers. LOL)

That said, we arrived in Denver by plane, took the train to downtown and walked  with our luggage several blocks to our awaiting AirBnb apartment. When we arrived at the apartment building, the code to get in the building didn’t work. So I double checked everything and found that there were 2 codes. When we tried the other one – we were in.

Then we made our way to the apartment, tried the other code on that door and it didn’t work. As we were repeating the process, we heard voices inside. Hmmm. So we knocked and some college-aged men answered, and yes, they had also rented the AirBnb for the weekend. (Despite their kind offer for us to “come on in!” – we decided to contact the host and see what was up.)

After quite a while, as we’re trekking with our luggage toward the convention center area where the hotels are, we finally hear back from our host (after he gave us a management company number that didn’t claim to work for him). He gave us another address to go to – that wasn’t anywhere near the center.

All of my planning to have the perfect spot was falling through. We walked to the Hyatt – which had been completely booked for quite a while – and they had ONE ROOM available. It had a window that opened, a big bonus for the sensitivity issue.

When we finally got up to the room (too high up, no kitchen, major WIFI), I laid down on the bed and just felt like crying. I was exhausted, overwhelmed with all of the changes and just wishing that my original plan (I love having a plan) had worked out. I was also super grateful that we had a room at all.

I tuned in to my Highest/Future Self and asked out loud, “Why are we here at this hotel? Why didn’t our plans work out?” I meditated for a few minutes and shifted back into peaceful coherence, just trusting.

After Zack left the room to go to his event, I milled around the room and saw the spa menu. YES. So I called down to the spa and requested a massage. The receptionist had a strange, emotional sound in her voice, but she booked a session for me later that day.

Then she apologized for crying. She said that before I called, she was daydreaming about her son. He had recently been in an accident and passed on – and she was asking him to let her know that he was ok, to give her a sign. (Remember, this woman has no idea who I am.)

She said that as soon as she asked her son for a sign, the phone rang and she looked down – and the phone readout said our room number and ZACK FUENTES. (More tears.) She told me that her son’s name was ZACK FUENTES and there was no mistaking that I was “sent from heaven” to let her know – in that EXACT moment, that he was ok. I ended up talking with her for quite a while, and going downstairs to meet her because that woman needed a hug!

Can you imagine a more CLEAR MESSAGE for her and for ME? Why did we end up at the Hyatt? Why had someone double booked our awesome apartment? Why was ONE ROOM suddenly made available for us? Why did I decide that a massage was a must – and at THAT SPECIFIC TIME?

I’m sharing this long and wonderful TRUE STORY because we’re always getting reminders about being in the flow, being in service and loving each other, strangers and friends alike. We’re all in training to JUST LET GO into the FLOW.

Zack and I both were and are so full of gratitude that our mission to be in service to others led us to this woman in need of reassurance. The sychronicities weren’t obvious at first, but eventually super transparent. Let’s all continue looking for the flow, the flow of let go.

Blessings and flow to you, Alyssa

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