The Happiness Effect

The Happiness Effect is something we’ve been doing at Go Get It LIFE for a few years now. It’s one of our little ways to spread love and kindness. This month, we are going to be focusing a lot on mental health in support of Mental Health Awareness Month. There’s no doubt that a positive message can be just what someone needs to pull them out of a dark or helpless thought.

We open this challenge to everyone and encourage you to help us spread the happiness one post-it note at a time.  

Here are the details on how to participate:

1- Grab a marker and post-it note.

2- Write a positive message on the post-it paper and put it in a random location.  Some ideas of where to place your post-it note is in your office, on a mirror in a public bathroom, a coffee shop, at a bus stop, at home, etc.

3- Take a picture of the post-it note at the location.

4- Post your picture on social media. Tag @gogetitlife and use #TheHappinessEffect

Help us spread the word by encouraging your friends to join us in this kindness campaign.  We hope you accept this challenge to spread happiness around the world!



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