There Is Nothing Wrong With A Good Cry

By Sarah Wylde

The other day I was watching tv and a commercial for toilette paper came on, the next thing I knew I was crying and couldn’t stop. I saw those cute fluffy kittens and the next thing I knew I felt something falling down my cheeks. There is no shame in crying, I am a believer in having a good cry to release pent up emotions and stress. I even keep track of when I cry in my mindfulness journals.

While living in a world where we can easily distract ourselves from having to deal with how we feel and may make us cry may sound like a good thing, but it isn’t. Life is challenging enough without us pushing down our emotions. Believe it or not, it makes you feel better to have the release and bring yourself back to feeling balanced. Unfortunately, crying has a bad stigma attached to it. How many times have you heard “big girls don’t cry,” “act like a man, boys don’t cry,” or “suck it up,” thankfully that is beginning to change. So, let me ask you, how long has it been since you had a good, hard cry?

There are countless reasons why we cry. I mean when you think about it we cry at weddings, graduations, funerals, during loss, movies, books, music, and sometimes from laughing so hard, it turns to cry. During those times it is not looked at to be a sign of weakness, it is an acceptable reaction to what is happening in those moments.

Those are not the only reasons. Did you know that crying also helps your physical and mental health? It is true. Did you know when you are anxious, stressed, and holding everything in your blood pressure rises with it. Well, crying during a therapy session, for example, can help lower your blood pressure and pulse rate. It is a physical and emotional release that can even help in removing toxins and help lower the body’s manganese level that affects mood.

Crying is a personal process. Remember that crying is a part of expressing an emotion, not necessarily experiencing the emotion. It even serves as a social function, it communicates the strength of relationships, sympathy, empathy, and draws us closer to one another.

Until next time!
Sarah Wylde

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