Tricks to Survive The Holidays

By Lisa Vasquez, #GoGetItLIFE Contributing Writer

With the rush of the days leading into the holidays, it’s easy to get lost in the buzz of the chaos. When that happens we can end up losing sight of the spirit but more importantly, we lose our center. Anxiety builds up and with that comes unease, pent up anger, and even depression. So how can you relax this holiday with easy, five minute remedies that you can do anywhere?

First, just breathe. Breathing helps us clear out the negativity, find our center, clear our minds and it’s also good for the heart and lungs. The following are simple, basic breathing techniques used in Reiki Breathing. These can be done anywhere, and at any time you feel you need a minute to regroup.

1. Sit in an easy pose. Keep your upper body straight, and your spine long, and tall. Your chin should be bowed towards the chest, while keeping your neck aligned with the spine.
2. Consciously engage your lower abdominal muscles, then breath in while you expand your chest.
3. Keeping your abdominal muscles engaged, breath out and feel the belly button pull closer to the back of the spine.
4.  Repeat this three to five times.

Second, carry lavender or mintLavender and/or mint can be used as an aromatic way to pull your senses into a state of calm. Keep some in an oil that you can dab around your temples, or keep some hand cream scented with either, or both!

Third, make sure you get some sleep. None of these techniques work if you push your body with no time for it to repair. Getting eight hours of sleep may seem out of the question but keep in mind, a power nap during the day for just 15-30 minutes can do your body and mind wonders.

And finally, CONNECT.  Connect with someone that you care about. It could be your husband, your child, your friend; it doesn’t matter who you choose. Embrace them in a warm, lingering hug. Studies show that a hug can have surprising healing effects. It can also turn your mind off from all the outside chaos, and bring you back to a state of tranquility.

These “exercises” are easy, can be done anywhere, and repeated as often as necessary!

This year remember to not only do these for yourself, but pass the gift on to others. Enjoy the holidays and the spirit of giving and peace to all of our brothers and sisters. Peace begins in our own hearts. Feed it and nurture it like you would your health. Be good to it, and it will grow and spread to those around you.

#GoGetItPeace, #GoGetItLIFE