Transitioning Your Family to the Back to School Routine

By Sarah Wylde

It is that time of year again…back to school. With that in mind, this month, I will be focusing on the various topics to help with the transition. While I no longer attend school, I still remember the busyness of the to-do list to get ready. Also, I loved getting new supplies. So, are you prepared for back to school?

Going back to school at any age is a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and can be very scary. Parents of young children go through the same thoughts and wondering if they are prepared enough as well. I do not have any children. I asked my friends who do what routine and plan they use and find the most effective when getting their kids ready for school.

Prepare for the unexpected. It is a fact of life that the unplanned and unexpected happen. Before school begins, talk to a friend, family member, or sitter and ask if they can be available for times when you are not available. Plan for snow days, power outages, illness etc. Also, do not just have one person lined up, try to have three people you can call for help if needed.

Get familiar with the school and the information. Some schools have an orientation day, where you and your child can go to the school to get a tour and meet the teachers. If the school they are attending doesn’t have something like this, you can always call the school to see if it is possible. If it is a new school and no bus takes them, take family walks to the school on the route they will need so they become familiar. 

Have a calendar! Go over the schedule and routine with your kids. Let them know the timings for each day, school pickup and drop-off. If there are after school activities or sports, have them written on a schedule in an area where everyone can see it. When forms come home from the school about field trips or events, add them as well. Let your child write on the schedule when they have a project or test to involve them in the planning process.

Practice saying goodbye. As odd as it sounds, if going to school is relatively new for them, this can be very hard. Creating a routine of a hug, giving them a small item to keep with them, and saying “bye, see you soon” helps ease any separation anxiety. Putting positive affirmation notes in their lunches also goes a long way.

I hope this helps your kids and yourselves get ready for the school year.

Until next time!

Sarah Wylde