Welcome to #GoGetItLIFE

Welcome to #GoGetItLIFE!

Go Get It LIFE was started by actor/ producer/ philanthropist Theo Rossi.  For several years, fans followed as Theo posted inspirational tweets using the hash tag #GoGetIt.  It was remarkable to see how interaction grew with each #GoGetIt tweet.  Heartfelt posts about overcoming self-doubt, addiction, bad relationships, low self-esteem, illness, poverty, and more filled the newsfeed.  It became unavoidable… we needed a community to gather, share stories, and motivate one another to live the best life possible and leave the earth a better place than when we arrived.

As our motto says, “It’s not just a hash tag, it’s a way of life.”

We have created GoGetItLIFE.com as a megaphone for you to share YOUR STORIES.  We encourage you to submit your #GoGetItLIFE story to Stories@GoGetItLIFE.com.  It will be put into consideration for posting on the website’s blog listed under the YOUR STORIES tab.  Comments can be left to share encouragement or spark group conversation about a subject.

Something that is very important to Theo and the entire #GoGetItLIFE team is GIVING BACK.  We devote our extra time and resources to support a growing list of community organizations and nonprofit organizations.  You can read the current giveback list on the GIVEBACK page.

On our SHOP page you will find #GoGetItLIFE apparel.  Our merchandise serves several purposes.  First, we donate a portion of everything sold back to community organizations and nonprofit organization partners.  We are also able to fund the maintenance of this website and future community projects through the sale of our gear.  Wearing the #GoGetItLIFE apparel also allows you to help us spread the word that we are part of a community of people wanting to make ourselves, and the world, as happy and healthy as possible.  We are taking steps every day toward making this the best life possible!  Wear your gear proudly and please be sure to tag #GoGetItLIFE when you post a snapshot of you in your apparel.

This website is ever-expanding.  We will have new YOUR STORIES blog posts released regularly, fresh new apparel and other merchandise already in design, and well… who knows! Our growth is up to YOU!  Don’t be a stranger… Info@GoGetItLIFE.com


#GoGetItLIFE Team

2 thoughts on “Welcome to #GoGetItLIFE

  1. Teri Rusland

    Awesome, positive, creating, important,what this world and people need! I’m thrilled to be here and be part of this! Let’s live our best lives, share and care!

  2. Anthony wayne

    Hello Theo, this is a very good site.
    I will be posting this site on twitter & facebook.
    will also go around my school and tell Teachers, kids,
    and more other people about this site. I hope you could follow me back on twitter. @anthonywayne80. Thanks man.. Love it

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