Which path to take?

By Meghan Rossi

Hey there! Deep in reflection today. Deep into thoughts about which path to take for Go Get It LIFE.

Like those quintessential dentist waiting room photos. You know the ones with the quote and the majestic nature photo? I’m thinking of the one with tall, dense trees in a deep forrest. Two paths are ahead. Do you go right or left? Left or right? Right or left? …

That’s where my thoughts have been for many weeks now. As a small business owner you are constantly wondering if you’re making the right choices. Is my energy being put into the right places? Are my funds being allocated in the most meaningful way? Do people care? Is this all worth it?

I’ve kept all of this to myself. Outside of a few close confidants. Thinking and over thinking. One new idea after another. Which idea will really make a break in a solid direction, the right direction?

I have so many BIG ideas, but they take a bigger budget than afforded to a small business. Is it an all-new website with ads and SEO? Is it in-person wellness and motivational events? Is it a YouTube series? Is it more books? Is it nothing? What. Is. It?

Here I was just sitting at my computer googling everything I could think of in relation to ideas I’ve had for Go Get It LIFE. To the point where I found myself entering the words, “what should I do?” into the search bar. Thinking that through some biblical miracle THE answer would appear.

Most certainly now I am rambling. But it felt best to come here to ramble, in the safe space we created many years ago. This amazing virtual world of Go Get It LIFE where we are all helping each other to live our best lives.

Through Go Get It LIFE we offer an online blog filled with content written by myself and an open invitation to anyone on this planet (and beyond) to contribute, social media platforms with inspiring quotes, we sell apparel, Mindfulness Logbooks and Journals, and we’ve even produced three 5K races for charity partners. Not to mention the production of a PSA “Right to Be Me”, hold an annual Gratitude Challenge, and donated nearly everything we’ve brought in back to charity.

So what’s the best next step for Go Get It LIFE? How do we turn up the heat? How do we really start to make an impact? A next-level impact that fulfills our potential?

I’d love to hear FROM YOU! What do you love about GGIL? What do you wish we could do more of, or something new all together? How can we raise more money for charities? How can we ignite an even larger support group?

Leave your thoughts below, or share in a private email to us: info@gogetitlife.com

I welcome your assistance with my google search, “what should I do?”.