Winners Announced: 5th Annual Gratitude Challenge

The 5th Annual Gratitude Challenge encouraged entrants to share what will make 2019 their best year yet! No major feats required; the simple efforts of optimism and connection are enough to spark a ripple effect of good in your community.

We really wanted everyone to take the time to contemplate the big and little changes they can make in their life, that would ultimately turn this into their best year yet!

Theo and I cannot thank you enough for participating in the 5th Annual Gratitude Challenge. Reading your entries is always a profoundly emotional experience. Please know this, and really know it, if you’re not on the list of winners, it doesn’t mean your entry wasn’t “good enough”. Not should it be a deterrent not to accomplish all that you’ve set out for yourself this year.

Please keep your eye on the prize. Keep on living the good life. Keep on doing the best you can with the cards you’re dealt. You’ve forever changed us with your stories, and we hope, that we can share your story in the months to come here on

The winners of the 5th Annual Gratitude Challenge are:

Joni Kurylo

Melissa Arguello

Tamara Sciberras

Terry McDermott

Toren Anderson

We absolutely cannot wait for everyone to read your stories, and watch as we connect during our winners YouTube Live Event.

Thank you again to all who entered into the 5th Annual Gratitude Challenge. Cheers to making 2019 your BEST YEAR YET!



2 thoughts on “Winners Announced: 5th Annual Gratitude Challenge

  1. Terry McDermott

    I continue to be humbled by Go Get It Life…and am very appreciative of this challenge. My wife and I are excited to connect with others during the live event. Thank you for providing everyone the opportunity to read stories of others and the positive events created by it!

  2. Joni Kurylo

    What a privilege to be selected as a winner for the 5th Annual Gratitude Challenge! Thank you, Meghan and Theo, for this opportunity to reflect and put intention to paper for 2019. Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who submitted your plan to live your best life ever this year. Let’s go get it!


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