Yin Yoga

We live in a world where our lives are full of distractions and the ever-growing “To Do” lists as we rush around to get things done. Getting so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves until our body reminds us when we get ill or injured. That is where implementing mindfulness, exercise, and meditation into your schedule can help reduce any stress or anxiety you are feeling. 

One way to do that is through Yoga. Yoga is a great way to stop, remember to breathe and focus on the now. There are many different types of ways to practice yoga, but they all have one thing in common, yoga is meant to be a union of the body and mind through movement with a result of being relaxed. It is also an exercise that is for everyone. My favourite practice to calm and balance my mind is through Yin Yoga.

What is Yin Yoga?

It is the practice that gets you to do deep stretching through different movements that softens muscles and can be felt all the way to your joints and, it is all done while on the floor. There are numerous poses to choose from and mould into what works and is best for you. When you are in a pose, you are relaxing in it for up to five minutes or more. During that time, you are focused on your breathing and in almost a meditative state. Despite being on the floor, each movement is challenging, slow, calculated, and deeply mindful. At the end when you are laying down in Savasana pose, also known as the Corpse Pose, reflecting the feeling is euphoric.

If you are interested in trying Yin Yoga or any other type of yoga, I recommend you go in and talk to your local yoga studio if you have any questions or to sign up for a class.

Until next time,

Sarah Wylde

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