You set big goals in January, now how’s it going?

By Meghan Rossi

Somewhere around December 29th it can begin to feel slightly familiar to end of semester exams. The mounting preparation, self examination, and mental organization. In just a few days time the day will be here: January 1st. A day when you will announce to all the world your profound New Year Resolutions.

Since our inception in 2014, Go Get It LIFE has hosted an annual Gratitude Challenge during the holiday season. Although the submission prompt changes year-to-year, the intention remains to focus on gratitude– for one’s self, loved ones, health, community, and so on. For the 5th annual Gratitude Challenge we asked you to share what your plan would be to make 2019 your best year yet.

The responses came pouring in. It was an exciting time filled with anticipation of making 2019 the year of all years. We chose 5 finalists, delivered prizes and had a YouTube Live Hangout for all to watch and inspire.

Now here we are, July 22nd. The fanfare of New Year Resolutions is long gone. The confetti from the Gratitude Challenge has all but swept away. And I’m left with myself. Focusing on how I’ve done the past seven months. To be honest, I’d have to use Facebook memories to even see what my New Year Resolution was for 2019.

I know my intentions do remain pretty on track: to be the best version of myself. So how am I doing as a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a boss, a leader, a community member? Those are the thoughts I am reflecting on now.

The wonderful thing is that we have five more months to make a renewed commitment to our resolutions set at the top of the calendar.

How are you doing? What steps will you take these final five months of 2019?



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