Right To Be Me Public Service Announcement


A Public Service Announcement

brought to you by Dos Dudes Pictures and #GoGetItLIFE

ABOUT #RightToBeMe… 

#RightToBeMe is a Public Service Announcement series produced by New York-based Dos Dudes Pictures with support from #GoGetItLIFE.  A special thank you to Confluence Productions for their incredible work on this PSA.  The #RightToBeMe PSA series celebrates our differences and promotes acceptance of originality.  As we show in the first PSA of the #RightToBeME series, those born with intellectual or developmental disabilities are men and women having the same life experiences as those without the same medical conditions.  They too have the right to be… happy, employed, in love, sad, a friend, and much more!

We believe you are uniquely and wonderfully YOU! It doesn’t matter your profession, your hair color, your religious practice, whether you have tattoos, your sexual orientation or your physical size.  Our list of originality is endless, and we are uniquely and wonderfully different from one another! Sadly, all too often our differences are seen as limiting and serve as a divider. Through this PSA series we hope you will see that we are more alike than we are different, and that we all have the RIGHT TO BE ME!

This initial #RightToBeMe video was inspired by the organization, A Very Special Place, Inc. (www.avsp.org) in Staten Island, NY. AVSP opened its doors more than 40 years ago to serve the community of men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Dos Dudes Pictures and #GoGetItLIFE Owner and Founder, actor/producer/ philanthropist Theo Rossi, forged a relationship with AVSP during production of the feature film BAD HURT. In working with AVSP on the film, Rossi and his team were struck by the reality that all too often those with intellectual and developmental disabilities are viewed as being highly limited in their abilities and life experiences.  This is simply not the case! 

The reality is, these men and women are more than a medical diagnosis. They are still having the same life experiences of laughter, heartache, joy, sadness, fear, excitement, and learning as they create their own life story.

To celebrate the differences that connect us all, we ask that you help in spreading the positive message of #RightToBeMe. By joining our movement you will be perpetuating a conversation of connectivity and acceptance. We look forward to seeing the positive ripple effect created by your involvement of reminding all that we have the #RightToBeMe and look forward to sharing many other incarnations of this message.

We ask that you encourage the world to embrace our differences through your social media.  When you share your post, we encourage you to share what makes you uniquely and wonderfully YOU. We have included some example posts, as well as links and images, to guide you for your #RightToBeMe posts.


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I have the Right To Be…[enter word of your choosing here].
It’s time to celebrate our differences! Join me in saying, I have the Right To Be Me! Watch and share this important message… http://bit.ly/1PjDNHF #RightToBeMe #JoinTheMovement


It’s time to celebrate our differences! Watch and share—>http://bit.ly/1PjDNHF #RightToBeMe #JoinTheMovement


I have the Right To Be…[enter word of your choosing here].
It’s time to celebrate our differences! Join me in saying, I have the Right To Be Me! Watch and share this important message that reminds us all that each of us is uniquely, wonderfully YOU. Link in BIO. #RightToBeMe #JoinTheMovement
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Link for profile bio: http://bit.ly/1PjDNHF

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