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Meghan’s Anxiety Triage Kit

For those who follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I recently posted a throwback picture, and within the photo’s caption I shared a bit about my anxiety at the time it was taken.  I’ve shared many times about my experience with depression and anxiety, but this photo seemed to have hit at […]

Talking to Kids About Mental Health

Talking about and understanding mental health as an adult is difficult. It is a hard conversation to start for some. Now, picture what it is like for children. Physical health is taught in school starting at an early age to show the importance, yet, mental health is not until high school or further. Like our […]

Gratitude Jar

Hi friends! There is much to be said about our mindset. When it comes to overpowering my own brain’s inclination toward anxiety and depression, my absolute number one, 911, free of cost instant fix is readjusting my mindset. Instead of focusing on the daunting and somewhat overwhelming fears that are leading to my anxiety, I […]