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2017 Gratitude Challenge Winner: Kerin Neely

The next winner of the 4th Annual Gratitude Challenge is Kerin Neely.  Below, she shares her story of giving back to children with disabilities.   Something that is very near and dear to my heart, and I feel doesn’t get enough acknowledgement is helping children with disabilities, especially children with disabilities in the school system. […]

2017 Gratitude Challenge Winner: Danny Cummings

Our next winner of the 4th Annual Gratitude Challenge was also a nomination.  Jacqui Farrell wrote to us about her cousin, Danny. A tremendous story that stretches beyond her original email.  To hear his full story, you’ll have to check out the video of our Gratitude Challenge Winner’s with Go Get It LIFE Co-Founder, Theo […]


It’s time for the 4th Annual Go Get It LIFE GRATITUDE CHALLENGE! Go Get It LIFE is issuing a #GratitudeChallenge. What are you doing to give back and make OUR world a better place? This can be through acts of kindness, service to others and your community, or even acts of self-improvement. Document your actions and […]