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St. John’s Wort – A Treatment for Depression

The use of prescription anti-depressants is on the rise.  It’s a trend that’s been tracked since 1999.  Today, 1 in 6 Americans reports taking some type of psychiatric drug, mainly anti-depressants. I myself am a former anti-depressant user.  More on that experience another time. I set out on a research mission, and found a number […]

Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication

For those who are currently suffering from anxiety, you know that “suffer” might be one of the best explanations for the experience.  Anxiety can be crippling to the point of harming your friendships, close relationships, your appearance and even your job stability.  It is a condition for which you are constantly searching for any and […]

Skip Sick Season

By Nicole Xu, #GoGetItLIFE Contributing Writer As the peak of flu season approaches, try these simple and effective tips to stay in tip-top health, no tissues or cough syrup needed.* 1. Eat well (and prosper). Proper nutrition is key to maintaining a strong immune system and rebuilding your body. Try to get all of your […]