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Introducing the Mindfulness Logbook: A Go Get It LIFE and Justin Ryan Collaboration

It’s here! The Mindfulness Logbook is now available on Go Get It LIFE! The Mindfulness Logbook is a set of two, pocket-sized books. The logbook is designed with an introduction page, 30 days worth of morning and evening writing prompts, and a summary page.  The morning page offers five writing prompts to help start your day, […]

The Flow of Let Go

Alyssa Malehorn is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel and psychic medium based in Austin, TX. I had the pleasure of spending time with her recently, and have been reading her book, “How Old is Your Soul?”.  All together it’s been an enlightening and educational experience. I am now on her email list and recently received […]

Ways to Deal with Stress

“Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries” Astrid Alauda By Sarah Wylde Whether it’s because of school, work or financial reasons we all have some level of stress in our lives. Carrying around that extra tension can damage our long-term physical and mental well being. […]

Train Your Brain

By Lisa Schreiner, #GoGetItLIFE Contributing Writer I personally have suffered from a severe anxiety disorder for over 10 years.  Let me preface everything by saying I am not a professional in the psychology field, nor do I have a degree of any sort in cognitive behavioral therapy.  What I do have is experience with anxiety […]

Maintaining Close Friendships When Little Ones Arrive

By Dr. Meg Rich, Clinical Psychologist, New York, NY, #GoGetItLIFE Contributing Writer Maintaining close friendships once we/they have kids can be tough! New chapters in our lives can generate practical disruptions to the time and energy we would like to devote to our friendships. So what can be done to help sustain and grow meaningful friendships […]