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Art Therapy

By Sarah Wylde In previous posts, I have mentioned my struggles and journey with mental health and wellness. I have social anxiety, panic disorder, depression, OCD, and mild agoraphobia. I honestly cannot remember a part of my life when I wasn’t dealing with mental health issues. Before I got help and was educated about it […]

St. John’s Wort – A Treatment for Depression

The use of prescription anti-depressants is on the rise.  It’s a trend that’s been tracked since 1999.  Today, 1 in 6 Americans reports taking some type of psychiatric drug, mainly anti-depressants. I myself am a former anti-depressant user.  More on that experience another time. I set out on a research mission, and found a number […]

Self Medication Is Not The Answer

By Celeste Wolfe My PTSD began the autumn I was 17. My first job was looking after a severely developmentally challenged little boy. I will call him “Jay” for the purposes of this story. He was nonverbal and non-ambulatory. Jay was fed via a G-tube which was connected to his stomach. I was responsible for […]