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Never Give Up

My name is Terence McDermott. I am a husband, father, special education teacher, veteran, mentor for the socially and behaviorally challenged, and devoted volunteer in various veteran and military organizations working to help both military families and those returning from deployment integrate back into civilian life. For me, school was very difficult. Learning was extremely […]

2017 Gratitude Challenge Winner: Danny Cummings

Our next winner of the 4th Annual Gratitude Challenge was also a nomination.  Jacqui Farrell wrote to us about her cousin, Danny. A tremendous story that stretches beyond her original email.  To hear his full story, you’ll have to check out the video of our Gratitude Challenge Winner’s with Go Get It LIFE Co-Founder, Theo […]

With My Head Held High

By Victoria Sarantakos When I see this photo I see a scared girl who lost hope in humanity when humanity wasn’t there for her.  You might wonder why I would say such a thing. Well, in April of 2011 at 4:28pm a young man asked me for the time and I pulled my phone from my […]